The Kombucha Tea – Millenary Truth Or Many Years Old Fantasy

This ancient beverage has been invoked as a wonderful cure by many individuals and a poison or fancy stories by others, this without grey arguments .

The profuse information that can be found at the Web, teaches about the culture preparation, explores its origins, mentions some technical data but, on the contrary, does not appear a clear scientific explanation of how it acts, namely pharmacodynamics of the active ingredients and also about these, there is no unanimity. A lot of authors mention many chemicals that for other authors do not exist.

Our group has been working on developing a fermented beverage, based on bacteria and yeast that are used in brewing beer, cider, vinegar and wine.

We decided to begin, in parallel, the culture of Kombucha and once we systematize the methodology, we started carrying out tests on volunteers.

Also, to differentiate our culture, from the traditional, we started testing the addition of herbal extracts, at different times of the process.

This story refers only to observations made with the traditional Kombucha tea, without the addition of herbs. We do not have enough evidence to say that what is stated is statistically significant, as we do not have the possibility to measure accurately many of the results we have attained.

Keeping the kombucha culture within certain parameters, acidity, temperature and fermentation times, as well as the basic substrate of the crop (tea and sugar), we can say that there are properties that have been expressed fairly constant.

In addition, through the addition of herbs extracts, we have succeeded in enhancing such effects or properties. We continue to work with new additions and testing techniques that emerged during fermentation processes.

One of the more clear items that are achieved with regular consumption of this tea, is the improvement of health welfare, with greater expression of physical energy and mental recovery. Organic defenses are increased as well.

It seems that I have several years less, is one of the most frequent comments of the volunteers, after about 3 or 4 months of consumption. It is true I have experienced this myself, after almost a year to consume only one glass daily.

In particular the memory is one of the areas where improvement is evident with greater clarity. It is not only the memory of many years back, experienced by the elderly people, is the memory of every day, the lists of things to do or buy, what happened yesterday, last week or last year.

Although it is difficult to measure, at least in the normal life of a person, a number of volunteers have commented that, while consuming the tea, sexual activity became better. If its consumption is stopped for a few days, this activity decreases significantly, but reassume the previous level as soon as the treatment is regained.

Despite its acidity, a pH between 2.8 and 3.5, does not cause gastric troubles. By contrast, drunk between meals increases gastric and intestinal motility and improves digestive processes.

There is a significant improvement in eye sight, in most cases, where there are no serious problems like myopia, cataracts, etc., but this problem is due to the year passage. Put in other words, had achieved a decrease in the graduation of lens crystals.

Another of the accomplishments achieved with the continued consumption of Kombucha tea, for several months, is the transformation obtained in the skin. Decreased skin spots, elasticity improvement and so forth a quite important decrease in the appearance of wrinkles, at least in people younger than 70 years.

The hair and nails are another of the organic components that presents a positive response. My mother, 90 years, said that she had never seen her nails to grow that much, but with his hair things are not so clear.